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Bellydance Boot Camp

Bellydance Bootcamp with Fahtiem. Reviewed by Oberon
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"Anything that says “Tone and Conditioning” on the front, with a picture of the smiling Fahtiem beside it, just screams, 'Buy Me'! Those of us who have been in class with the tiny “Glam Queen” know that she will Raq your Socks off.  So, is this DVD for all levels.  Dollars spent on our libraries are becoming more precious.

The mission of this approximately 50-minute long presentation is to “burn calories with an accelerated Belly Dance work-out”.  Bellydance Boot Camp with Fahtiem, 1 and 2

It opens with Fahtiem doing just that – impeccable as always in fabulous costumes and a visual format aimed to excite.  You are then presented right away with the menu, which makes it very easy to play through all that’s offered or select a single part that you’d like to repeat.

I appreciate the effort Fahtiem makes – even with this “exercise” video.  The set is serene and beautiful and so are her support dancers, all dressed in red (the male in black and red), designed to compliment the radiant Fahtiem who is immaculately dressed and manicured even to the matching hair ornaments.  I’m inspired by her attention to detail even when it comes to presenting on a beautiful rug instead of a studio floor. Effort is something I’ve come to appreciate.

Although there is a posted suggestion to warm up before participating with the DVD – she does some preliminary stretches – mostly to warm up the feet and legs – and then pulls off the major “sneak” of this series – and the heart of what I, as a teacher really like – she begins to dance right away.

Arms and shoulders are put together with the warm-up steps immediately and the viewer can quickly see from arm positioning and ease of hands that there are indeed varying levels of dancers behind her.   Right away she begins the repetition that is so important to learning and covers the area from back to front and side-to-side which addresses style and balance.

Even the “breathy” breaks between changes are posed beautifully, never letting you forget that this is a Dancer’s workout! Enjoyably, she manages to warm and enliven every part of you body in the first part of the session. 

(Keep your eyes on her dancers if you can pull them away from Fathiem – they’re having obvious fun and you will gratefully see that proficiency varies from move to move in everyone).

I loved that throughout you seemed to be getting that “Rub Head, Rub Belly the other way – oh and Footwork please” kinda challenge.  She’s teaching co-ordination and combined isolations so effortlessly!

By the time she gets to rib cage and waist she’s a little pink and “glowy” – and so are you.

My little guilty pleasure? The upper body fold, over outstretched front leg in which Fahtiem’s perky “pony tail” did it’s own version of forward/back – right in time to the music. 

The hip and glute section – well that could have been my husband’s guilty pleasure, if I had shown it to him – which I didn’t WHAT? I’M WORKING!  OOOOH – I remember those butt lifts.

You should put it on “fast forward though” – I mean for an advanced workout!

Equally well crafted is the “combination section” in which you actually learn a few combinations that are threaded together at the end, to create a seriously sweet little choreography. 

Cool down is the final sigh and it is also when you may realize that you are listening to some of Fahtiem’s original music - another element that makes this DVD unique in the market.

I truly like this DVD – I do, because it makes sense to me.   There’s not a lot of excess conversation designed to make Fahtiem appear experienced – she just is! It’s just a straightforward (yes – calorie burning work-out) that happens to carry a solid punch when it comes to improving style, balance and technique!  It’s Oberon-recommended …and for what it’s worth – so is Fathiem.

So what more could I wish for – Hmmmm – a “not so socially perfect belly” adding another point of view among the support behind the ethereal Fahtiem.  Oh well – you’ll have to visit my studio for that!"

Belly Dance Boot Camp, with Fahtiem

Bellydance Bootcamp with Fahtiem
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Bellydance Bootcamp with Fahtiem, Volume 3, Hip-notic Veil Conditioning
$29.00 - Order Online Now from
Bellydance Bootcamp with Fahtiem, CD
Bellydance Bootcamp with Fahtiem, Volume 1, Basic Technique, Warm-up
$29.00 - Order Online Now from
A fun, quick, low impact, workout solution.
Easy to Follow, NO prior dance experience necessary.

. .

Beautiful Hands and Arms with Fahtiem
NEW! Beautiful Hands & Arms DVD with Fahtiem

An Ancient Art for Ageless People Video


"Oasis Dance Magic 2004" DVD

New! "Fahtiem Live" DVD

 Fahtiem Presents Oasis Dance Magic 2002 - Gala Show - The Video

Blue Magic Performance Video

Oasis Dance Magic DVD 2004Fahtiem Presents Oasis Dance Magic 2004 - DVD Format. Performance.

An Exceptional Evening of some of the Greatest Stars of Oriental Dance. Let Fahtiem take you on a magical journey with "Oasis Dance Magic." Exceptional performances will take you beyond the ordinary. Guest artists include the infamous Angelika Nemeth, fascinating Jim Boz, vibrant Jamilah and Midnight Mirage Dance Company, songstress Tammy Rochelle, fiery Argentinian group Otero Dance Company, the Broadway stylings of Curtain Up! - all brought together by charismatic Master of Ceremonies Harry Saroyan, and your internationally renowned hostess, the dazzling Fahtiem.

Run Time: 1 hr, 25 minutes. Order Online Now

Fahtiem Live! Performance DVD"Fahtiem Live" DVD

4 spontaneous full-length performances to Live Music. From Festival on the Nile 1996 - 2003.

From the back cover: "Delightful" "Remarkable and Electric" Fiery and Exciting" "Fahtiem is Magical!"

Fahtiem, one of the country's premier performers and instructors, offers 4 full length dances to live musicians of both Armenian and Arabic Styles. Demonstrating by sterling example clear and expressive movements with grace, warmth and humor. Each 20-minute set is both entertaining and enlightening for dancers of any level.

Live music by Richard Khuzami Ensemble and Dick Barammian Ensemble.

1 hr and 25 minutes long.

Order Online Now

Blue Magic, Performance video by FahtiemFahtiem Presents

Blue Magic DVD with music by
John Bilezikjian, Harry Saroyan and Desert Wind

*Performer extraordinaire *One of LA's hottest instructors - *Producer/Director of "Oasis Dance Magic" *Multi-award winner, including IAMED "Dancer of the Year" (1999) and "Entertainment Video of the Year" (1997) - Giza Academy Awards: "Best Cabaret Dancer-Live Music on Video" (2001) and "Best Live Solo Dance-Live Music on Video" (2000): the dancer performs an unrehearsed dance.

There are many elements of chance. You will see the dancer's true professionalism shining through and transforming a neutral situation into a fiery and exciting dance.

Fahtiem is remarkable in her ability to respond and react in a graceful and electric manner and in doing so captures the stage and audience." Giza Academy Jan 2002
*Numerous TV & Film appearances including Good Morning America, Solid Gold, Fox cable, Arabic MTV Fahtiem now presents her own performance video.

Featuring five never-before- seen spontaneous dances ranging from Turkish to Oriental fantasy. Music from John Bilezikjian, Harry Saroyan, and Desert Wind. With costumes by the incomparable Doyne Allen.

A must-have for your collection! Order Online Now

An Ancient Art for Ageless People, Video physical fitness program Fahtiem Presents a new DVD, "An Ancient Art for Ageless People" - A physical fitness program you too can do! Instructional DVD

A good place to begin if movement is new to you.

Order Online Now

  • Easy movements designed to strengthen and tone without stressing joints and muscles.
  • Pace tuned more towards those with special needs at an easy to follow rhythm with no strain to the body.
  • Gently regain your strength, mobility and flexibility.

Beautiful Hands & Arms with Fahtiem

Instructional DVD

Order Online Now

"There is no magic step that makes you a great dancer, there is only the magic you put in each and every step." - FAHTIEM

On this DVD Fahtiem shares how to put magic into your hands and arms to make your dancing more expressive and graceful.. Fahtiem leads you through a warm-up to prepare for Beautiful Hands and Arms: from your rib cage to your shoulders and down your arms to the tips of your fingers. Then Fahtiem explains and demonstrates basic arm positions and hand and finger placements, including how to maintain correct posture, safe movement, and the difference between Oriental and Folk hand and finger placement.

Fahtiem will show you how to move your arms through space in Air Design to experience and connect the full range of motion of your arms. She'll teach you how to think about what you want your Beautiful Hands and Arms to look like, and how to use resistance and fluidity to achieve different feelings. You'll also learn Beautiful Hand and Arm combinations and movements including:

* Diamond Ring
* Painting the Ceiling
* Reaching for the Stars
* Candle Arms
* and more!

Plus a performance by Fahtiem with Beautiful Hands and Arms!


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